From the Future, With Love

From the Future, With Love is a love story with a time-travelling twist, and a reminder that today's actions have future consequences.

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The Sapphire Heart

Thorpe versus Ravel. Farmer versus land developer. The two families have clashed dramatically for over 1,000 years.

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Eight for a Wish

If love and magic alone, can’t save the day, it may come down to the words from the old magpie rhyme, Eight for a wish.

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Romancing the Elements, Books 1-3


Lake of Stars
Romancing The Elements, Book 1

Survival of the new society without industry or technology depends on skills of the individuals to work with the Elements of Nature.

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Mortal Flaw
Romancing the Elements, Book 2

Revenge can be brutal, it can come swiftly and painfully, or it can be silent and slowly devastating.

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Mask of Fire
Romancing the Elements, Book 3

Will revenge or love, conquer the ghosts of the past?

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